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2019 Air Quality Tours, Benton and Franklin Counties

Conservation Tillage Technology Demonstrations 

Devin Moon, WEEDit Sprayer - WEEDit uses cutting-edge smart technology, making weed control easy, precise, and cost-effective. A system of linked sensors scans the soil, emitting red light to detect unwanted plant life. Each individual spray solenoid opens in 1 millisecond, spraying the targeted weed with a pre-specified mix of chemicals. As the producer continues driving, WEEDit spots, targets, and kills weeds with incredible accuracy, saving producers time, effort, and up to 90% of the herbicide chemicals needed for regular weed control. For more information visit  

Remie DeRuwe, Modified Drill - 70’ Wingback 12” 4 Rank No Till Drill.  It can be converted to a 2 Rank.  16 ½” spacing on the drill.  The drill points were modified, with the help of Ron Kyle, and are similar to an Eagle Beak point.  Can seed in heavy residue without mowing.  Can switch back and forth from no-till to mulch till by adding or subtracting cylinder blocks.  With the addition of an air cart, dry fertilizer can be placed in row.  Currently Remie is seeding 11,000 acres with two drills.  Remie has used this drill to convert CRP to crop production by mowing, chem fallowing and then seeding.  There is no difference in yield between fields that have been fallowed using tillage versus chem fallowed.  The input cost of the two systems are also the same. The only difference is that in the no-till production system you are creating healthier soil.  

Scott Moore, Speed Disk - Retrofitted John Deere 637 Disk is equipped with Sunflower® Saber Blades™.  These blades allow Scott to cut and incorporate the straw into the top of the soil which keeps the residue on the field.  It has also allowed for a more consistent moisture line.  Pulling this disk, he can run at speeds of 6 – 7 mph.  Scott can also put fertilizer down with the disk thereby reducing the number of passes across the field.  

Low-interest Loans Available for Direct Seed Equipment

Farmers in Benton County are eligible to apply for Spokane Conservation District's Direct Seed Loan Program.  The program offers low-interest loans to producers for agricultural equipment purchases such as no-till and direct seed drills, fertilizer placement implements, sprayers, and more that aid in the direct placement of seed and/or fertilizers in limited passes or aids in the removal or management of reside. Click here for more information.

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