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Spinosad Brochure

By 2012, all orchard producers must switch their operations to non-organophosphate pesticides to comply with Environmental Protection Agency standards. An approved, non-organophosphate, Spinosad, can assist producers in meeting the requirements set forth by EPA.  Read More >>


Native Plant Nurseries, Landscape Designers and Books 2010 

The Columbia Basin Chapter of the Washington State Native Plant Society has compiled a list of companies that grow native plants, landscape designers that incorporate natives into their designs and books that might be helpful in learning about native plants. Read More >>


Promoting and Attracting Bees 

This article outlines ways for producers to improve forage and shelter to support healthy populations of bees and to prevent Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). Read More >>


Heritage Garden Brochure

The Heritage Garden Program promotes the use of native plants; promotes low-water use landscaping and efficient irrigation methods; and educates our community about the history and biodiversity of the Columbia River Basin. Read More >>


Healthy Pastures for Healthy Rivers Brochure 

Brochure outlining how riparian management benefits you, your livestock and the Yakima River in Benton County. Read More >>


People Helping to Improve Shoreline Habitat Brochure 

Brochure to assist homeowners in restoring the riparian areas on their property using plant buffers. Read More >>


Beginners Guide to Xeriscaping Booklet

Seven basic steps to planning and planting a Xeriscape Landscape in Benton and Franklin Counties. Read More >>

Lower Yakima River Assessment

Benton Conservation District (BCD) investigated the lower Yakima River from Prosser, WA to Richland, WA with the purpose of identifying and assessing high priority actions for the benefit of local and basin-wide salmon recovery efforts. 


Read Assessment: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 |Part 5 Part 6 

Welcoming Salmon to Our Backyards

Guide for landscaping with native plants along streams and the Yakima River in Benton and Yakima Counties. Read More >>

Success Stories & Past Projects


BCD Annual Progress Reviews


Naturescaping Workshop Presentations 

The Benton Conservation District, in partnership with the Umatilla County Soil and Water Conservation District, hosted two Naturescaping / Heritage Garden Workshops in November 2011. The workshops were funded by a grant from the Wildhorse Foundation. The workshops provided homeowners the opportunity to hear from experts from around the northwest on how to implement water-wise landscapes. Presentations from the Kennewick event:


Temperature Profile of the Lower Yakima River

The following presentation was prepared by the Benton Conservation District for the Water Quality Workshop (November 2008). The presentation provides the results for a thermal profile performed on the Lower Yakima River during the summer of 2008.  The thermal profile was performed in order to locate pockets of cool water habitat for migrating salmon. Any questions or comments about the presentation please contact Marcella Appel at the BCD.


Temperature Profiles for Further Reading:

Temp A–Methods | Temp B–Prosser | Temp C–Chandler | Temp D–Benton Snively | Temp E–Confluence


Water Stargrass Control Pilot Project

In 2007 the Benton Conservation District received a grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to compare the effectiveness of two mechanical methods for reducing the density of water stargrass in the lower Yakima River, in eastern Washington. 

Read More >>


Xeriscape Demonstration Garden

Visit the Xeriscape Demonstration Garden, a cooperative project with Benton Conservation District and Washington State Extension. Xeriscape is landscaping designed to minimize water use. Read More >>

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