Heritage Garden Fall Webinar

Plants with a Purpose ~ Drought Tolerant, Firewise and Pollinator Friendly

Saturday, November 6, 2021

9:00 AM — 12:00 PM


Lisa Hill — The Art of Creating a Hummingbird Sanctuary

Lisa is our areas expert in the creation of hummingbird habitat. She is a self-taught watercolorist, trained horticulturist and an avid birder. Lisa’s presentation will educate us on local hummingbirds and the plants that attract them. Featuring the artful photography of Larry Umthun.

Al Murphy — Beautiful and Safe Firewise Landscapes

Al is a retired forester, current Master Gardener, with 20 years of experience providing technical fire management assistance. His presentation will share information on planting selected fire-resistant native vegetation to create a safe and beautiful landscape in fire prone environments. Several different Eastern Washington ecosystems will be discussed. Information will be presented on where to plant different categories of vegetation around a structure to reduce the potential loss from wildfire.

Heather Holm — The Pollination of Native Plants Heather is a nationally renowned biologist, pollinator conservationist, and award-winning author. This presentation is a fascinating journey showcasing the development of different flower types and the presentation of floral resources to pollinators. Exploring the types of insect pollinators, their foraging behavior, and the floral features that attract pollinators, Heather will provide many specific examples of how native plants are pollinated and what pollinator is most effective and why.

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