Lower Yakima River

Benton Conservation District hosts the Lower Yakima Water Quality & Habitat Monitoring Group. The goal of this work group is to coordinate resources across multiple organizations to focus on water quality and habitat improvement in the Lower Yakima River. Local, state, federal, tribal and non-profit entities participate. Members share information about current projects and funding sources, seek input to monitoring plans or project proposals, evaluate data and help develop priorities for future work.  Financial support is provided by the Washington State Department of Ecology.

Thermal Refuge Identification on Lower Yakima River

Andres Gendaszek, USGS

I-182 Thermal Refuge Assessment

Connor Parrish, MidColumbia Fisheries

River Mile 25 Thermal Demonstration Site

Rebecca Wassell, MidColumbia Fisheries

Water Star Grass, Aaron Pelly

Yakima River Water Stargrass, WQ & Nitrate Dynamics Rich Sheibley, USGS

Smolt Survival Study

Toby Kock, USGS

Lower Yakima River Work to Date

Surface Water Monitoring in the Lower Yakima Valley, Matthew Bischof and Abigail Nickelson

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