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Fish Screening

Supporting Efficient Irrigation Practices for Farms & Fish

We offer assistance with irrigation system upgrades, fish screen enhancements, irrigation water management and more.

Fish Screens

Why They Matter

Washington State laws require all diversions from waters of the state to be screened to protect fish. Fish can get drawn into irrigation systems and are then either killed at the pump or stranded in the field. Fish screening is especially important to the Yakima and Columbia Rivers where two of our fish species (steelhead and bull trout) have been listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

How We Can Help

Benton Conservation District provides technical and financial assistance to landowners who draw irrigation water from the Yakima and Columbia Rivers. This includes helping you get the right fish screen for your irrigation needs.

A properly designed and installed intake screen can prevent fish from getting into the system without interfering with irrigation operation. They can even enhance pumping efficiencies.

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Do you need help with your fish screening project?

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