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Salmon in the Classroom

Benton Conservation District is proud to sponsor “Salmon in the Classroom” in Eastern Washington. Through this program, students can hatch salmon eggs at school, learn about salmon lifecycle, habitat and learn how to test water quality. The hands-on experience of raising fish helps students realize that salmon are one of the many benefits of our Eastern Washington rivers. Classroom lessons on salmon anatomy and lifecycle compliment science and math, while historic and cultural lessons about salmon relate to Washington state history, social studies and geography.

When you follow the links below you will find our online Salmon in the Classroom material. You will find Salmon anatomy lessons and daily updates on our growing salmon. Watch them grow from egg to alevin!

Salmon Summit

Salmon Summit is the culminating activity for “Salmon in the Classroom” schools. After raising fish through the winter and spring, Salmon Summit provides students with an outdoor learning experience that enables them to release the fish into an approved water body.


This activity creates a personal experience and connection to the river and local environment. During Salmon Summit, students attend field stations to learn about wise use of water, fish tagging, hydroelectric dams, fish transport, native plants, salmon recovery efforts, local wildlife and other topics.


Fifty entities, including federal, tribal, state, county, municipal, corporate and non-profit organizations contribute financial support, staffing, or goods and services to Salmon Summit. Over 360 volunteers participate in Salmon Summit annually.


Benton Conservation District provides “Salmon in the Classroom” support to schools throughout eastern Washington. The largest Salmon Summit event occurs in the Tri-Cities area, but other salmon celebration events will take place throughout eastern Washington.

Stem Experiment
Salmon Summit Video
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