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Wildlife Enhancements

At the District we want to benefit our wildlife by creating and implementing wildlife habitat plantings. We'd like to accomplish this by offering our services to our farmers, landowners, and land managers

Wildlife In Our County

In Benton County, our critical areas are home to many native wildlife species that are incredibly important to the sustained function of our Shrub-steppe ecosystems. These include but are not limited to elk, burrowing owl, chukar, mule deer, sagebrush sparrow, Townsend’s ground squirrel, jackrabbit, black-tailed jackrabbit, desert nightsnake, prairie falcon, Swainson's hawk, breeding areas for state-threatened ferruginous hawk,and habitat for other sagebrush-obligate species.



Desert Nightsnake

Elk Ginger Holser.jpg

Photo Credit

Ginger Holser

Desert Nighsnake Burke Museum.jpg

Photo Credit

Burke Museum

Chukar - Joseph V Higbee.jpg

Photo Credit

Joseph V. Higbee

Townsend's Ground Squirrel

Burrowing Owl

Ferruginous Hawk

Burrowing Owl - Kevin Rutherford.jpg

Photo Credit

Kevin Rutherford

ferruginous hawk - John Fox.jpg

Photo Credit

John Fox

Townsend's Ground Squirrel - Jon

Photo Credit

Jon Hall

What We'll Do for You

Through our technical assistance we'll provide site visits and a plan to enhance wildlife habitat

Grass Seeding

Shrub Strips

Pollinator Plantings

Project Dependent Financial Assistance


Contact for more Information

Melissa Pierce


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