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Groundwater Nitrate Characterization & Monitoring

Benton Conservation District was a key partner in the Benton County Groundwater Nitrate Characterization, Monitoring and Stakeholder Engagement Project. The project brought together a community of agriculture, residents and agencies to work together to reduce nitrate concentrations in groundwater.

​This project utilized nitrate testing to educate Benton County residents of the potential causes of groundwater nitrate contamination and develop science based recommendations to reduce those sources. The project included two years of sampling, data analysis, and stakeholder involvement.​ The current Benton Groundwater project addresses the top priorities that were identified in the initial effort.


Free Nitrate Testing

Benton Conservation District has limited funding available on a first-come, first-served basis for free nitrate screening.  Contact us to be added to the wait-list.

Benton County Groundwater Nitrate Characterization Report

Existing and new groundwater nitrate data was used to develop a report that provides a baseline for a community-wide effort to improve groundwater quality.


Benton County Groundwater Nitrate Community Action Plan

In parallel with well sampling and groundwater characterization, stakeholder participants from agriculture, cities, the county and the public worked together to adopt problem-solving recommendations for groundwater nitrate reduction and develop a community response to groundwater nitrates, including recommendations for the next steps in nitrate reduction. For more information on this process, contact Mark Nielson, District Manager, (509) 366-1678.

The Benton County Groundwater Nitrate Community Action Plan was developed by stakeholders and formally adopted by the Benton County Commissioners, the Benton Franklin Health District and Benton Conservation District.

This project was funded by a grant from the Department of Ecology with in-kind or matching funds provided by the Benton Conservation District, Benton County, and the Benton-Franklin Health District.

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