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Livestock fencing


Providing Technical & Financial Assistance to Benton County Livestock Producers

Benton Conservation District (BCD) works voluntarily with livestock and dairy producers to implement farm-friendly management practices that comply with state regulations and keep water and pastures healthy.

Grazing Management

Grazing animals on small tracts of land can be a challenge. Proper pasture management is key to maximizing grass stands for forage production and stand health. Benton Conservation District can provide you with free technical assistance to prepare a conservation plan that will address your pasture management concerns.


Off-Channel Watering

Allowing animals' direct access to surface water could put you at risk for enforcement action from the Department of Ecology. Benton Conservation District can assist you in the design of an off-channel watering facility and may be able to provide cost-share to assist with the project.

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations

Benton Conservation District provides technical assistance to dairies and other large concentrated animal operations by preparing nutrient management plans. Nutrient management plans address the production, storage, transfer and application of manure while protecting surface and groundwater from contamination.


Interested in Our Livestock Services?

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