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VSP Administration

Planning & Implementing VSP in Benton County

The Voluntary Stewardship Program (VSP) is a collaborative process that helps Washington communities ensure healthy landscapes and strong farms for the future.

How It Works:


Counties work with stakeholders and local residents to develop a VSP work plan to manage growth., protect critical areas, and maintain viable agriculture.


Benton County’s VSP Work Plan was approved by the state in 2018.


Once a county’s VSP work plan is approved, the plan moves into implementation. Benton Conservation District leads the effort to implement our county’s VSP Work Plan.

Monitor & Measure Success

One way we can measure the success of the VSP Work Plan and show proof of performance is through the documentation of conservation practices on agricultural lands with critical areas since 2001 (the year VSP was enacted). Benton County has submitted Two-Year and Five-Year VSP progress reports.

Our Watersheds

Benton County’s VSP goals and benchmarks were determined for each of the three main watersheds in the county: Alkali-Squilchuck, Lower Yakima, and Rock-Glade.

Map of three main watersheds in Benton County
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